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Medical Power Supply > Wall Mount Type >18W
Medical power supply_GMPU18
Features : Universal input voltage
Single output
Pass LPS
Optional output connectors
Short circuit protection
Over voltage protection
Over current protection
Means of patient protection design
Possess risk analysis report
Meet 60601-1-11(health care applications)
Two years limited warranty
Application: Personal hygiene and
health care appliances
Model No. : GMPU18x
AC input voltage range 100~240 VAC, 47/63Hz
Line Regulation +/-1% max
Load Regulation +/-5% max
Hold-up Time 10mS Min.
Output ripple and noise See rating chart
Efficiency See rating chart
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Storage Temperature -40C to 85C
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
MTBF 100,000 calculated hours
Model No. Output Voltage Max. Output Current Max. Output Power Total Regulation
GMPU18X-1 5~6VDC 3.00~2.50A 15W +/-5%
GMPU18X-1-1 6~8VDC 2.50~1.87A 15W +/-5%
GMPU18X-2 8~11VDC 2.25~1.64A 18.04W +/-5%
GMPU18X-3 11~13VDC 1.64~1.38A 18.04W +/-5%
GMPU18X-4 13~16VDC 1.38~1.13A 18.08W +/-5%
GMPU18X-5 16~21VDC 1.13~0.86A 18.08W +/-5%
GMPU18X-6 21~27VDC 0.86~0.67A 18.09W +/-5%
GMPU18X-7 27~33VDC 0.67~0.55A 18.15W +/-3%
GMPU18X-8 33~58VDC 0.55~0.32A 18.56W +/-3%
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